Value Addition & Turn Over

The Black grams were graded and value added and sold to the member home based usages. This value addition and the sales created the new concept to launch the home product market shop within the FPOs premises. On that Basis Company moved to start a cluster level Agricultural Business Centres (ABC) in five clusters.

The company involved in business with their 1562 members in 73 villages by procuring the agri produces like Pulses,Cereals,Chilly,Coriander and Millets with perfect price, proper weighing, less transportation and instant payment. This type of procurement made awareness on the farmers mind and left out them from inter mediating agents. The non-member farmers came forward to join as shareholders.

Turnover and Profit of the Ramanar FPO

The FPO was started in the year 2016 and the turnover has really increased tremendously over a period of three years. The profit of the FPO is also commensurate with the Turnover and Profit of the FPO(Amount in Rupees)

Value Addition

Turn Over